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WISC Editorial Agenda 2013 - Our Government - Statewide Push For Reform

Published On: Feb 07 2013 05:46:14 PM CST
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We don’t usually use this time to direct attention to other editorial outlets, but the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ran an editorial this week that we knew was coming because they told us. It is a compelling argument for redistricting reform in Wisconsin. And as you know we put redistricting reform on our editorial agenda for this year. So did the Wisconsin State Journal. And that’s kind of the idea here…perhaps if we all work on this together we can pressure our elected state representatives to restore some fairness and democratic values to the process of redrawing state legislative and congressional boundaries.

Right now the job is done every ten years by the party in power and both parties have so blatantly rigged the system that there are no longer competitive elections in Wisconsin. Outcomes are forgone conclusions. That’s wrong. And there’s a better way. Of course neither party has shown any interest in change. But maybe some statewide pressure would help. It’s worth a try.

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