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Bill would shield job seekers' web privacy

Published On: Apr 21 2013 12:46:39 PM CDT
Social media jobs

A Wisconsin state lawmaker is pushing legislation that would keep employers from requiring their employees or job applicants to give them access to personal social media accounts.

Rep. Garey Bies of Sister Bay is a Republican co-sponsoring the bill. He said social media access should be protected. Bies said it's not right that employers might demand it and use something on a person's account against them.

At least 35 states are considering such laws, and several have already passed them.

Kimberley Cornwell, associate director of career services at Northwestern University's journalism school, said it makes sense for employers to track what's publicly accessible on social media as a way to sift candidates.

But Cornwell said forcing job seekers to give up access to their accounts crosses a line.