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WISC Editorial Agenda 2013 - Our Schools - Questions For The Candidates

Published On: Feb 07 2013 05:38:21 PM CST
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While we strongly encourage as many of you as possible to attend Thursday evening’s public forum with questions for the two finalists for Superintendent of Madison Public Schools, our eight editorial board members have a few of their own, including: 
1. Is it possible to reverse the achievement gap? What’s keeping us from doing it? Under your leadership, how long before we can see results in Madison? 
2. What have you done in your past and current positions to promote, encourage, and develop active engagement among parents and family that led to more involvement and participation in their child’s education? 
3. How would you measure teacher performance and do you think a desirable performance standard is feasible given the existing labor contract?
4. What are your thoughts on armed guards and/or teachers in schools?
5. How does a community know if it has an effective school program?
Those are just some of our questions. And here’s what we know: the answers matter. 


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