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Vote Control

Published On: Dec 05 2012 05:03:12 PM CST
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The purpose of the various proposals to regulate how citizens may vote is so transparent you’d think elected officials would be embarrassed to keep trotting them out. They are not. Republican lawmakers in particular are so intent on making it difficult for traditionally Democratic voters to get to the polls that they keep trying to throw up obstacles despite the absence of one shred of evidence of any need.

Claims of voter fraud as a rationale for voter ID have been debunked. And now it looks like the majority of Wisconsin’s municipal clerks dispute Governor Walker’s claim that ending same-day registration at the polls would make the voting process smoother. Quite the opposite say the clerks – it would create a logistical nightmare.

This nonsense is meant to suppress the vote, simple as that. And there is growing evidence that besides being wrong, it doesn’t work. So why keep insulting our intelligence?

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