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The Inevitability Of Gay Marriage

Published On: Mar 26 2013 05:54:26 PM CDT
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Regardless of how the United States Supreme Court rules on the two gay marriage cases before it, it is becoming increasingly clear that it will be the law of the land soon. From surveys of public opinion to the growing number of elected officials who support legal marriage rights for gay and lesbian couples, the evidence of an unprecedented acceptance of gay marriage in America is now overwhelming.

This editorial board has been predicting this outcome for some years now. And it really hasn’t been a very hard call. We are simply becoming a more knowledgeable and compassionate citizenry with a keener sense of justice. Most citizens have been ahead on this issue for some time. What’s especially reassuring is the number of elected officials who have found the courage and conviction to stand up for what is right. So even if it takes new legislation to counter a ruling of unconstitutionality by the Supreme Court, that now seems possible. We welcome the outcome. It’s about time.



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