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Need a job? Put your resume on your beer

Published On: Jun 27 2014 10:05:44 AM CDT
Resume beer

Brennan Gleason

How "beer-y" clever.

A graphic designer in Canada looking for work separated himself from the pack by printing his resume on a four-pack of his own craft beer.

Brennan Gleason, of British Columbia, was finishing his studies at the University of the Fraser Valley when he was given an assignment: create a work of self-promotion.

Knowing he'd be looking for a job soon, Gleason brewed up a blonde ale he coined "Resum-Ale."

He created labels for each bottle that featured snippets from his portfolio. His entire resume was printed on the outer box.

Gleason sent his creative package to several design firms and landed a job at one in Vancouver.

"I think it’s mostly just because it's different from a traditional resume," he told The Huffington Post. "As designers, were always trying to show off our creativity. That’s the first impression these companies see."

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