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Harsh winter brings late but intense allergy season

Published On: Apr 23 2014 10:00:38 PM CDT   Updated On: Apr 24 2014 07:05:59 AM CDT


Slowly but surely the weather is getting warmer in Wisconsin, which might not be good news for allergy sufferers.

Wisconsin had such a cold harsh winter, everyone is super excited for spring and warmer temperatures, but that could come with a price -- specifically a heavy dose of pollen.

All the cold and snow has suppressed the release of the pollen in the air and plant growth will pop at once and make for very high pollen levels.

Dr. Mark Moss is an allergy specialist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and he said once there are warm and windy days things will be pretty intense.

"This year it has been the cold that has slowed things down, and what we are probably going to see is a delay in the onset. And it's probably going to go a little longer, and we will see the trees pollinate probably into the month of June, which is longer than average," Moss said.

Moss also said he is starting to see some patients come in now, but when it gets consistently warm out, he expects things to get intense quickly, and he expects to see a lot of patients with severe symptoms.

Moss stresses that if you suffer from allergies, being proactive is the best thing you can do. Be sure to refill your medicine. Also, some nasal sprays can be taken before symptoms start.

He said the best way to limit contact with pollen is to stay inside, use air-conditioning, and if you do go outside be sure to wash or change your clothes. He even recommends showering before bed.