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Top Doctors 2012

Published On: Aug 30 2012 03:30:44 PM CDT   Updated On: Aug 26 2012 02:30:34 PM CDT

By: Hannah Kiddoo
Madison Magazine

Addiction Treatment
Randy Brown, UW Health
Michael M. Miller (no longer with Meriter Medical Group; now at Rogers Memorial, Oconomowoc)
Ian R. Powell, Meriter Medical Group

Allergy & Immunology
William W. Busse, UW Health
Reid M. Olson, Dean Clinic
Sameer Mathur, UW Health

Tracy P. Cotter, Dean Clinic & St. Mary’s
Deborah A. Rusy, UW Health
Thomas M. Pellino, Madison Anesthesiology

Arthritis & Rheumatology
Carolyn L. Bell, UW Health
Kevin M. McKown, UW Health
Julie P. Hildebrand, Dean Clinic
James F. Porter, Dean Clinic
Christie M. Bartels, UW Health

Complementary & Cardiovascular Medicine
John M. Phelan, Dean Clinic
Brian G. Bachhuber, Dean Clinic
Charles K. Stone, UW Health

Alternative Medicine
David P. Rakel, UW Health
Adam Rindfleisch, UW Health
D. Jill Mallory, Wildwood Clinic

Critical Care Medicine
James I. Couser Jr., Dean Clinic
Charles A. Weber, UW Health
Dennis G. Maki, UW Health

Robert A. McDonald, Dean Clinic
Theresa L. Behrs, Dean Clinic
George T. Reizner, UW Health

Emergency Medicine
Paul K. Hick, Meriter Medical Group
Kyle Martin, St. Mary’s
Azita Hamedani, UW Health

Endocrinology, Diabetes, Metabolism
Diane F. Elson, UW Health
Paul M. Reber, Dean Clinic
Bharat B. Raman, Dean Clinic

Family Medicine
Russell J. Hermus, Dean Clinic
David J. Ringdahl, UW Health
Adam H. Balin, Dean Clinic
Sandra A. Kamnetz, UW Health

Gastroenterology & Hepatology
Mark Reichelderfer, UW Health
Susan M. Lepinski, Meriter Medical Group
Michael L. Allan, Dean Clinic

Genetic Counseling
Gregory M. Rice, UW Health
David S. Wargowski, UW Health

Steven R. Barczi, UW Health
David T. Watts, UW Health
Sanjay Asthana, UW Health
Robert Przybelski, UW Health
Cynthia Carlsson, UW Health

Eliot C. Williams, UW Health
Roy H. Kim, Dean Clinic
Brad S. Kahl, UW Health

Ann M. Sheehy, UW Health
Ibuki A. Kimura, Dean Clinic & St. Mary’s
Cate E. Ranheim, Meriter Medical Group

Immediate/Urgent Care
Steven Tyska, UW Health
Robert S. Steele, Dean Clinic
Pamela Heilman, GHC

Infectious Disease
Dennis G. Maki, UW Health
James M. Levin, Dean Clinic
Gary Jean-Louis, Dean Clinic

Internal Medicine
N. Thomas Casper, Meriter Medical Group
Albert J. Musa, Dean Clinic
Joan F. Addington-White, UW Health
Peter D. Newcomer, UW Health

Edward R. Ahrens, St. Mary’s
Christoph H. Eggert, St. Mary’s
Arjang (Aji) Djamali, UW Health
R. Michael Hofmann, UW Health
Paul S. Kellerman, UW Health

Michael M. Frucht, Dean Clinic & St. Mary’s
Brad R. Beinlich, UW Health
Fred Edelman, UW Health

Jeffery E. Masciopinto, Dean Clinic & St. Mary’s
Robert J. Dempsey, UW Health
Bermans J. Iskandar, UW Health

Gary E. Waters, Dean Clinic & St. Mary’s
Frederic A. Melius, Melius, Schurr, Cardwell & Raichle
Lori Wendricks-House, Dean Clinic & St. Mary’s

Oncology, Gynecologic
Laurel W. Rice, UW Health
David M. Kushner, UW Health
Stephen L. Rose, UW Health
Ellen M. Hartenbach, UW Health

Oncology, Hematological
Brad S. Kahl, UW Health
Walter L. Longo, UW Health
Mark B. Juckett, UW Health
Roy H. Kim, Dean Clinic

Oncology, Medical
Michael S. Frontiera, Dean Clinic
Sam J. Lubner, UW Health
David L. Hei, UW Health

Oncology, Radiological
Kristin A. Bradley, UW Health
Mark Ritter, UW Health
Paul M. Harari, UW Health
Steven P. Howard, UW Health
Kevin R. Kozak, UW Health

Oncology, Surgical
Clifford S. Cho, UW Health
Sharon M. Weber, UW Health
Emily R. Winslow, UW Health

Stephen M. Boorstein, Davis Duehr Dean
Gregg A. Heatley, UW Health
Justin L. Gottlieb, UW Health
Neil Lucchese, Davis Duehr Dean
Stephen J. Sramek, Davis Duehr Dean

Orthopedics & Rehabilitation
Richard W. Glad, Dean Clinic & St. Mary’s
John P. Heiner, UW Health
David A. Wolff, Dean Clinic

Timothy J. Shaw, Dean Clinic
Greg K. Hartig, UW Health
Justin P. McNamar, Dean Clinic

Pain Medicine & Management
Nathan J. Rudin, UW Health
Gregory A. Love, Dean Clinic
David A. Bryce, Advanced Pain Management
Cynthia M. Bender, Dean Clinic

Palliative Medicine
Toby C. Campbell, UW Health
James F. Cleary, UW Health
Amanda E. duPreez, Meriter Medical Group

Chen-Kang Chang, St. Mary’s
Erik A. Ranheim, UW Health

Pathology, Surgical
Chen-Kang Chang, St. Mary’s
Gholam Reza Hafez, UW Health

Susan R. Davidson, Dean Clinic & St. Mary’s
Katharina S. Stewart, UW Health
Dinesh M. Shah, UW Health
Brian R. Stafeil, Dean Clinic & St. Mary’s

Podiatry (D.P.M.)
Randy S. Kittleson, UW Health
David R. Worth, Dean Clinic
Colin Todd Connell, Dean Clinic
Robert M. Greytak, Dean Clinic
Neal J. Katz, private practice
Nicholas F. Streit, Dean Clinic

David S. Dowell, Dean Clinic
Art Walaszek, UW Health
Richard C. Schramm, Dean Clinic

Pulmonary Disease
James I. Couser Jr., Dean Clinic & St. Mary’s
Charles A. Weber, UW Health
Nizar N. Jarjour, UW Health
John P. Schilling, UW Health

Fred T. Lee Jr., UW Health
Francis J. Thornton, UW Health
Gregg A. Bogost, Madison Radiologists

Rehabilitation Medicine
William P. Shannon, Meriter Medical Group
Courtney Hogendorn, Meriter Medical Group
James W. Leonard, UW Health
Deborah L.P. McLeish, UW Health

Reproductive Endocrinology/Infertility
Elizabeth A. Pritts, Wisconsin Fertility Institute
David L. Olive, Wisconsin Fertility Institute
Dan I. Lebovic, UW Health

Sleep Medicine
Kathryn L. Middleton, Dean Clinic & St. Mary’s
Mary E. Klink, UW Health
Ruth M. Benca, UW Health
Jacalyn A. Nelson, Dean Clinic & St. Mary’s

Spine Medicine
Craig A. Dopf, UW Health
W. Keith Kahle, Dean Clinic
Gregory R. Trost, UW Health
Paul A. Anderson, UW Health
James W. Leonard, UW Health
Thomas A. Zdeblick, UW Health

Sports Medicine
David Gronski, Dean Clinic
David T. Bernhardt, UW Health
Brian M. Reeder, Dean Clinic

Stroke Medicine
Justin A. Sattin, UW Health
Marcus Chacon, UW Health
Harvey S. Block, Dean Clinic & St. Mary’s

Surgery, Bariatric
Michael J. Garren, UW Health
Jacob A. Greenberg, UW Health
Franklin P. Bendewald, Dean Clinic & St. Mary’s
Guilherme M. Campos, UW Health

Surgery, Cardiovascular
Takushi Kohmoto, UW Health
Vijay K. Kantamneni, Dean Clinic & St. Mary’s
Khosro (Ed) Adib, Meriter Medical Group
Haywood S. Gilliam, Meriter Medical Group

Surgery, Colon/Rectal
Charles P. Heise, UW Health
Eugene F. “Chip” Foley, UW Health
Gregory D. Kennedy, UW Health
Bruce A. Harms, UW Health
Kenneth E. Levin, Dean Clinic & St. Mary’s

Surgery, General
Susan I. Toth, Meriter Medical Group
Ronald D. Wenger, Dean Clinic & St. Mary’s
Michael P. Sloan, UW Health

Surgery, Hand/Microsurgery
Matthew S. Bliss, Dean Clinic & St. Mary’s
Venkat K. Rao, UW Health
Stefan V. Zachary, UW Health
Michael L. Bentz, UW Health
A. Neil Salyapongse, UW Health

Surgery, Orthopedic
Richard W. Glad, Dean Clinic & St. Mary’s
James J. Prosser, Dean Clinic & St. Mary’s
John P. Heiner, UW Health

Surgery, Plastic & Reconstructive
Michael L. Bentz, UW Health
Clifford King, Dean Clinic
Bradley L. Manning, UW Health
Venkat K. Rao, UW Health

Surgery, Thoracic
Tracey Weigel, UW Health
James D. Maloney, UW Health

Surgery, Transplantation
Anthony M. D’Alessandro, UW Health
Joshua D. Mezrich, UW Health
Luis A. Fernandez, UW Health
Dixon Kaufman, UW Health
David P. Foley, UW Health
Jon S. Odorico, UW Health

Ann P. O’Rourke, UW Health
Lee D. Faucher, UW Health
James A. W. Orr, UW Health
Kenneth A. Kudsk, UW Health

Travel Medicine
David R. Andes, UW Health
Elaine Rosenblatt, NP, UW Health
Richard M. Reich, UW Health

Adam C. Tierney, Dean Clinic & St. Mary’s
Stephen Y. Nakada, UW Health
Jennifer L. Maskel, Dean Clinic
David F. Jarrard, UW Health 

Pediatric Specialties

Frank R. Greer, UW Health
Julie M. Kessel, UW Health
Pamela J. Kling, UW Health

Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine
Jeffrey S. Sleeth, UW Health
Steven S. Koslov, UW Health
Susan D. Ehrlich, UW Health
Alison Craig, GHC
Katherine F. Moriarty, Dean Clinic
Thomas D. Meier, UW Health

Pediatric Allergy, Asthma & Immunology
Robert F. Lemanske Jr., UW Health
James E. Gern, UW Health
Don A. Bukstein, Dean Clinic -- relocated
Mark H. Moss, UW Health
Christine M. Virnig, Dean Clinic

Pediatric Anesthesiology
Maria Fabbrocini, UW Health
Peter M. Popic, UW Health
Cari L. Meyer, UW Health
Tracy P. Cotter, Dean Clinic & St. Mary’s
Deborah A. Rusy, UW Health
Lianne Stephenson, UW Health

Pediatric Cardiovascular Medicine
Larry H. Weinhaus, Dean Clinic
Kathleen Maginot, UW Health
John Hokanson, UW Health

Pediatric Diabetes & Endocrinology
Ellen L. Connor, UW Health
David B. Allen, UW Health
M. Tracy Bekx, UW Health
Aaron L. Carrel, UW Health

Pediatric Hematology & Oncology
Carol A. Diamond, UW Health
Diane M. Puccetti, UW Health
Paul M. Sondel, UW Health
Ken De Santes, UW Health

Pediatric Hospitalist
Sabrina M. Butteris, UW Health
Jonathan E. Fliegel, UW Health
Shannon M. Dean, UW Health
Michelle M. Kelly, UW Health

Pediatric Otolaryngology
Diane G. Heatley, UW Health
Tony L. Kille, UW Health
J. Scott McMurray, UW Health

Pediatric Psychiatry
William B. Taft, UW Health
Travis B. Copeland, Dean Clinic
Julianne J. Brown, Dean Clinic

Pediatric Pulmonary Disease
Mary K. Schroth, UW Health
Christopher G. Green, UW Health
Theresa W. Guilbert, UW Health
Michael J. Rock, UW Health
Don B. Sanders, UW Health

Pediatric Sports Medicine
David T. Bernhardt, UW Health
Gregory L. Landry, UW Health
Brian M. Reeder, Dean Clinic

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