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Non-profits still need holiday wishes filled

Published On: Dec 30 2012 01:43:50 AM CST   Updated On: Dec 31 2012 09:12:18 AM CST

In Rock County several non-profit organizations are taking the time to simultaneously thank their generous hometown communities while putting a call out to last-minute elves, hoping that it's not too late to have the rest of their holiday wishes filled.

One of the organizations is Riverfront Inc. in Janesville, where art supplies are in high demand.

For 10 years, Riverfront Inc. has been providing support to people living with disabilities.

Volunteer and events coordinator Sharon Fitzpatrick said completing an art project is a small way for their participants to show their creativity without worrying about boundaries.

"They are so proud when they get to see," said Fitzpatrick. "And they walk through and they say, 'I made that,' or 'I helped make that.' The smile on their faces just light up the whole building."

Like most non-profit organizations, Riverfront Inc. relies on donations from the community.

"We did get some donations," said Fitzpatrick. "We got some articles of clothing and some very beautiful coats for our participants."

Fitzpatrick is hoping that the community will help them refill their art supplies and help them stock their kitchen.

"Cookie sheets, an electric fry pan, utensils, a spatula would be a nice gift," remarked Fitzpatrick of their needs.

Meanwhile, bird lovers helped Feathered Friends Sanctuary & Rescue in Edgerton get many of the things they wanted for Christmas.

"The biggest thing we always need are volunteers," said Randy Meinholz, owner of Feathered Friends. "We always hire, never fire."

"We got quite a bit of stuff," continued Meinholz, "but the thing that was nice is we got several cash donations from people."

Feathered Friends currently have about 100 birds and they are still looking to get some cleaning supplies.

For 12 years Feathered Friends has been rescuing parrots and other birds and nursing them back to health.

Meinholz said finding homes for many of their animals is the best gift they received this year.

"We had a really nice Christmas for that," said Meinholz. "A bunch of parrots getting homes, that was the really important thing."

Riverfront Inc. is going to be open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on New Year's Eve for anyone who would like to make a donation and use it as a tax write off for 2012.

Feathered Friends is open by appointment only.

More information:

Feathered Friends Sanctuary & Rescue
1570 County A, Edgerton
Randy Meinholz, Owner

Feathered friends is open by appointment only. If folks want to tour the facility, volunteer, look at the birds or make a donation they should call first.

Riverfront Inc.
1107 Barberry Drive, Janesville
Donations can be sent to 1107 Barberry Drive with attention to Sharon Fitzpatrick/Wishlist.

Riverfront is open 8-4 p.m. on Monday 12/31 if people want to make a donation but if they want to tour the facility they should call first.


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