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Brittany Run to keep slaying victim's story alive

Published On: Sep 24 2012 08:28:56 PM CDT   Updated On: Sep 24 2012 09:07:46 PM CDT

Brittany Zimmermann


The parents of a University of Wisconsin-Madison student who was slain 4 1/2 years ago are hoping a special event this weekend keeps the unsolved homicide case alive.

Brittany Zimmermann was found slain in her Doty Street apartment in 2008.

Her parents, Kevin and Jean Zimmermann, said the only thing they have now is hope.

"That's really all we have," said Kevin Zimmermann. "We pray everyday that someday we'll get that tip that we need. Jean and I work on it constantly at home."

Police have chased many leads in the case, but they have no one in custody for the 21-year-old's death.

Madison police said the case remains very active despite being more than four years old. Police detectives work on it regularly with the hope that someday they'll have news Brittany Zimmermann's parents have been waiting for.

"As you listen to Kevin and Jean Zimmermann, anyone who's a parent or even a human being has to have compassion for what they're going through, and living with this every day," said Joel DeSpain, spokesman for the Madison Police Department.

The third annual Brittany Run this weekend not only raises money for Madison Crimestoppers but also keeps Brittany Zimmermann's story alive.

"Every time we do host an event like this, or Brittany's name is brought up in the media, it does bring tips into either the Crimestoppers or to the Madison Police Department about Brittany's case," said Jean Zimmermann said. "It's just going to take that one little bit of information."

A $40,000 reward fund still exists for anyone with information that leads to the arrest of Brittany Zimmermann's killer.

For more information about this weekend's Brittany Run 5K and to participate, go to

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