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More than a dozen cats dumped at church

Published On: May 08 2014 08:07:53 AM CDT
Closeup of cat blurb

iStock / tzooka

Genessee County (WNEM) -- Local church members are puzzled after they discover more than a dozen cats dumped in their parking lot.

It happened Monday night at Agape Church of God in Christ in Flint. Minister Anthony Mull says when he arrived, he noticed several cats on the property. And then he saw one dead in the driveway.

The church has surveillance cameras around the parking lot, so Mull checked the footage. The video showed that around 10:35 Monday morning a dark-colored Ford Pick-up pulled into the parking lot.

Two people got out, and starting pulling cats out of the back of the truck.

Most of the cats scattered after being released. But one just sits there, right behind the rear tire of the truck. The pair doesn't seem to notice. They got into the truck, put it in reverse, and ran the animal over.

"When I see the truck back up, and actually look at the cat flopping for its life," Mull says. "They didn't call for help, they didn't do anything. They just pulled off and left it there."

There are concerns the animals may be sick, and may bite a child at the church. Church members have called animal control, but at last check were still waiting for a response.

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