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Man’s leg run over by SUV in disturbance outside nightclub

Published On: Jul 01 2014 04:36:19 PM CDT
Updated On: Jul 01 2014 08:20:56 PM CDT


A 34-year-old's leg was run over by an SUV after a group of men attacked him outside an east side nightclub early Saturday morning, Madison police said.

Officers responded to the 3700 block of East Washington Avenue around 2:10 a.m. for reports of a significant disturbance where a man was reported to be bleeding after an assault, according to a release.

A 34-year-old man and his wife had gone to a nightclub and came into contact with Juan F. Serate-Trampal, 38, of Madison, police said. Based on the hostile nature of the encounter, the bar staff separated the party and Serate-Trampal left the area.

The 34-year-old and several other people started walking to their vehicle when several men exited an SUV and attacked him, according to the release. The 34-year-old fell to the ground, and as he attempted to get up the SUV ran over his leg and then fled the scene.

The 34-year-old was taken to a local hospital, and was treated for non-life-threatening injuries, officials said.

During an investigation, Serate-Trampal was arrested on tentative charges of first-degree reckless endangering safety, substantial battery and simple battery.

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