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Make the most of family time this summer

Published On: Jul 08 2014 10:29:34 AM CDT
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Summer can be busy. To make the most of family time follow these tips to make time for family bonding.

Take a road trip: Get the family in the car for hours of quality family time as you hit the road and explore new places. Road trips allow you to see new sights, play games, talk and make lasting memories.

Family game nights: Set aside one day a week for family games. It can be board games, video games, charades or outdoor games.

Outdoor family activities: Take advantage of the warm summer weather and go for a family hike, go jogging, fishing, kayaking or any activity that sounds interesting to your family.

Go camping: Take your family bonding into nature by going on a family camping trip. While “roughing it” you can bond by talking over the campfire, working together to set up camp and have fun while fishing, swimming and doing other outdoor activities the camp grounds offer.

Book club: Combine education with family time by forming a family book club. Pick a book that’s suitable for the whole family (parents can even read it to younger children) and select one night a week for the family to gather together and discuss the book.

Family field trips: Go on fun family adventures around town. They can be educational or cultural trips, like museums, historical sites and zoos, or they can be fun trips to the amusement park or a water park.

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