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Lack of details about exchange raising concerns

Published On: Aug 16 2013 11:02:20 AM CDT   Updated On: Aug 16 2013 11:03:20 AM CDT
Health Spending - Generic

The Kaiser Family Foundation ranked which states are spending the most per capita on health care, using public and private expenditures from 2009, the most recent available.


With just six weeks until sign ups begin for the new online health insurance marketplaces in Wisconsin, regulators have yet to release any details about what plans will be offered or how much they will cost.

Advocates of the President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act are raising concerns about the lack of information and what ultimately will be released by Gov. Scott Walker's administration.

Walker is an ardent opponent of the federal health care law and has repeatedly called for it to be repealed. He also declined to have the state set up its own marketplace to sell private insurance under the law, instead deferring to the federal government.

Walker's administration has released names of companies on the exchange, but no details about rates or plans.