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  • October 2014 Topnotch Teacher: Anthony Cao

    It allows people to escape into their own heads, and provides a way communicate with others in the most natural and beautiful way. This month's Topnotch Teacher knows all about the power of music.

  • September 2014 Topnotch Teacher: Darrin Graham

    This month's Topnotch Teacher changed professions after more than a decade working in the business world. He says he made the switch because he wasn't happy getting up and going to work every day, but he says now he is.

  • August 2014 Topnotch Teacher: Alanya Patterson

    A Verona art teacher says it doesn't matter what it looks like because it's all about the process and putting a piece of yourself into your art.

  • July 2014 Topnotch Teacher: Tom Cook

    The sound of music is alive in Fort Atkinson, and it's all because of Tom Cook.

  • June 2014 Topnotch Teacher: Nichole Von Haden

    A Madison woman is providing a space for students to safely explore their culture, and what's at the core of their being. At the same time, she's teaching them to be an effective positive person in their community and beyond.