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  • July 2014 Topnotch Teacher: Tom Cook

    The sound of music is alive in Fort Atkinson, and it's all because of Tom Cook.

  • June 2014 Topnotch Teacher: Nichole Von Haden

    A Madison woman is providing a space for students to safely explore their culture, and what's at the core of their being. At the same time, she's teaching them to be an effective positive person in their community and beyond.

  • May 2014 Topnotch Teacher: Molly Somers

    A former member of the UW Marching Band finds her calling in the classroom.

  • April 2014 Topnotch Teacher: Debbie Konkol

    What can you say about a teacher who's retiring after 41 years? Well this month's Topnotch Teacher has plenty say and sing about to News' 3's Charlotte Deleste.

  • March 2014 Topnotch Teacher: Lee Briggs

    This month's Topnotch Teacher is following in his father's footsteps and continuting in the family business. Lee Briggs is a math teacher with an unusual approach to keeping his students engaged in their studies.