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Customize your room with unique touch

Published On: Apr 23 2014 03:28:37 PM CDT

(NewsUSA) - Whether you are renting an apartment, a first-time home buyer or a long-term homeowner, the saying "Home is where the heart is" holds true. It is said that a home is a true reflection of the people residing in it. So, for those looking to add some personal touches to a new home or to freshen up an existing residence, the following simple home décor tips offer quick, easy and affordable ways to spruce up the home.

- Color. When thinking about color, it's a good idea to coordinate your color palette so that other elements of the room match the walls. Furniture and carpeting in the same tones can help blend the visual flow and trick the eye, making the room appear larger.

- Lighting. Certain lighting techniques can do wonders for opening up a space. Try updating lamp covers or recovering your lampshades with new fabric. Consider decorating with mirrors to reflect color and light, creating the illusion of space.

- Furniture. To give a room a new look and feel, consider moving the furniture away from the walls, and position it in new, more inviting angles, giving your room new depth.

- Focal point. Give your room a centerpiece. A new area rug is a great way to soften or add emphasis to a room.

- Décor. Adding accent pieces is an excellent way to infuse color and patterns into your room. To make the room appear larger, limit the number of decorative accent pieces, and keep the random clutter to a minimum. For example, instead of hanging several small pieces of artwork on your wall, consider choosing one big piece.

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