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Co-sleeping bill introduced in Assembly

Published On: Nov 06 2013 08:54:33 PM CST


A bill that would toughen laws for co-sleeping deaths is moving ahead at the Capitol.

Rep. Samantha Kerkman, R-Powers Lake, introduced the Assembly bill that would make it a felony to harm or kill an infant by co-sleeping while intoxicated.

It also requires new parents to receive educational information about safe sleep practices.

The legislation stems from recent deaths in Milwaukee and Kenosha counties where parents have passed out and rolled on top of their babies.

“I really don’t want this statute to be used if there is a case like the case in Kenosha where they have the evidence, and it could be a tool for the local district attorney to look at facts of each individual case,” Kerkman said.

So far this year, a dozen babies have died in Milwaukee from co-sleeping.

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