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Camp Randall unveils renovations, upgrades

Published On: Aug 01 2013 08:00:57 PM CDT
Updated On: Aug 02 2013 12:04:01 PM CDT

Football season starts in just about a month, and if you're headed to a UW game, you’ll see some pretty big changes at Camp Randall.

As part of an $86 million renovation project, the football team got a state-of-the-art locker room, lounge and weight room for all student athletes.

"Our goal was to be in the upper echelon of the Big Ten and we feel like we definitely accomplished that with these new facilities," said Jason King, associate athletic director.

The locker room is modeled after the Packers and oddly enough, smells amazing.

"It smells good in here. I know it sounds kind of silly, yeah, but we spent a lot of money on ventilation," said King.

It's not just every room that's impressive. Every space has some sort of wow factor, even the hallways.

"One of the things we try to do is celebrate our past and our present, so this is our new NFL board that was part of the project, and you can see all the guys who had been in the NFL that were badgers," said King.

There are a lot of changes behind the scenes but the field is where you will see a clear difference.

"It will be some of the clearest pictures you'll see in sports," said King. "You know what's crazy? You don't realize how big that score board is until you see those guys up there."

"How do you think it changes the whole experience for the fan? The clarity of the screens, getting our crowd involved, being able to show replays is obviously part of the whole fan experience that we constantly have in mind in pretty much everything we do," said King.

Visitors can see the big board on August 15 during the first Camp Randall Movie Night. The event is free and open to the public.

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