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The Spam Report: Day #168: "Reply Urgently"

Published On: Jun 20 2014 02:51:46 PM CDT
Couple finds gold coins

Courtesy Kagin's, Inc.


So, when I got the email I'm posting below, my first reaction was to speculate (pun intended) on why a gold prospecting company would reach out to a guy in Wisconsin. Then, I went to the internet and actually found there actually are some gold deposits in this state. Click here for more on that:

Still, I think it's safe to say that if you get an unsolicited email from a "Ghanaian registered gold mining company" and you are not a mineralogist, there's something weird going on, especially if it comes from a Mr. Morise. That's strange.

Feels like a precursor to a spam/scam email to me. Either way, I'm just going to hit delete and I'd recommend you do the same.

UPDATE: You may remember earlier this week, we shared an email that promised the recipient a package in the mail. They simply had to download the shipping label. By doing so, they invited malware (translated: really bad stuff) on to their computer. The United States Postal Service has since issued a formal spam/crime alert about this.

Be careful if you get something like this. Here's more from the USPS:

Have a safe weekend.


From: kofitogy []
Sent: Friday, June 20, 2014 9:55 AM
Subject: Reply urgently through this Email (

Attention: Sir,

We are an Accra-Ghana based gold mining, prospecting and trading company.

We have available for immediate sale 200kg of 24+ Carat gold,
PRICE  35.000 USD Per Kg

Your organization could also act as a commissioned agent/broker
whereby you could solicit buyers for an attractive and handsome

We will be looking forward to hear from you.

1. Where are your office located( that must show all full company' details)?

2. What quantity of gold can your organization be able to purchase
from us on monthly basis?

3. Are you an agent to or direct buyers agent's/representative?

4.How long has your establishment into operation?

Please kindly provide  these answers, reasons are very confidential so
to allow us trade freely with you or/ your buyers.

We are a Ghanaian registered gold mining company situated in the heart
of Accra with several mines both active and virgin sites, we seriously
need a reputable buyers that we deem to sell our gold to in form of
Bar or dust of hallmark standard, we can only deal with any buyer that
can fly down to Accra for the purpose of review a proper business
transaction or pay in as we may accept trading on FOB or CIF as long
as the buyer can prove their true business registration to us which
shall also be verified via their own consular in Accra or we can send
our attorney  to visit buyers location/refinery to inspect their

In order word we can issue assay report here in Osu Accra at PMMC
before we can proceed further from here. We are indeed seeking you to
trade with us as we are fully ready and able to offer our FCO and
procedures as soon as we have a convincing evidence that we are about
to do a transaction that is clean and fair at all ends.

Thank you and best regards,

Mr Morise

Fax : +233574328831