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The Spam Report: Day #115: "If Only You Can Do This For God"

Published On: Apr 02 2014 11:50:30 AM CDT
famous Georges - George Burns

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Actor and comedian George Burns


As a child of the 1970's, I remember going to see the movie, "Oh God," with my mother and sisters one summer afternoon in Elkhorn. With Junior Mints and popcorn in hand, we walked to our seats, feet sticking on the floor, to see the new George Burns and John Denver film.

Basically, it's a film about a guy who's doing what he can in life, with a family, job where he's expecting a promotion, when he meets "God."

"Not quite what you expected," is the great Burns line.

Well, I have to say after receiving an email from "Mrs. Isabella Caromel," who says "God spoke to me in spirit to share this with you," it is not what I expected.

She/he ostensibly wants me to help her "$10.6M USD to help the less privileged," a noble, spiritual quest for sure. But then, she/he doesn't want me to share this information with anyone. And finally, why can I find this same email on multiple websites where she/he apparently found others to share it with as well.

Responding to this will lead to no good.

As Burns's God character says in the film, "If you find it hard to believe in Me, maybe it will help to know that I believe in you."

I am confident when you get stuff like this in the future, you'll just hit delete. I'm confident you're not violating God's will by doing so, but instead, you're protecting yourself from a scam.

Take care,


-----Original Message-----

From: Mrs.Isabella Caromel []
Sent: Monday, March 31, 2014 11:08 AM

Good day

Private Message to you,

God spoke to me in spirit to share this with you. Please kindly sympathizes with my current situation to assist execute this noble project. My name is Isabella Caromel, I escaped tsunami disaster some time ago which affected my spinal cord, my ear drum and claim my entire family, my husband and two sons. It might shock you to know, I was eventually disabled as a result of catastrophe that struck me. Perhaps I’m now on a wheelchair after all form of treatment and to no avail. Because of my present condition I finally decided to give a better life to the poor in the society.

It is my legacy to build charity organizations for the less privilege since my health has finally confirmed deteriorated. In my present condition this project cannot be executed by me alone due to my ailment, so therefore I need your candid voluntarily support to execute the project to make this dream a reality. I have decided to invest my $10.6M USD to help the less privileged, therefore you are chosen from my heart to help receive the funds from where it was kept secretly to build charity organizations for the less privilege to have some better life.

Please I will appreciate if you can indicate interest to help actualize this last dream. Therefore also include your contact telephone/fax numbers, including personal details that need to forward to the deposited firm for onward communication on how to transfer the funds to you. I will also provide you the legal documents that will enable you claim the funds, and if you are willing and ready to assist,

please e-mail me at without delay as I need to hear from you soon.

Remain blessed,

Mrs. Isabella Caromel

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