Woman finds snake living in free couch

Published On: Jan 02 2014 09:47:11 AM CST   Updated On: Jan 02 2014 09:15:56 AM CST
snake in couch

Holly Wright

A Michigan woman got an unexpected "bonus" when she picked up a free couch from the curb: a 4-foot-long snake.

According to WZZM-TV in Grand Rapids, Mich., Holly Wright had kept the second-hand couch in her room for two months before making the discovery over the weekend.

"I picked this couch up off the street and it's been in my bedroom for a couple months, and today we found a python inside the couch," Wright says in a video she and her boyfriend made.

Wright told WZZM that she found the couch along the curb and checked it for smells and removed the cushions before taking it home.

While the couch seemed fine, the snake began emerging from it over the weekend. The snake -- it's unclear if it was a boa constrictor or a python -- seemed lethargic and she and her boyfriend tried to remove it using a plastic coat hanger.

"It didn't really react or hiss ... It was quite cold in the room, there was no food for the snake and I think it came out of the couch because it was dying," she said.

Wright and her boyfriend tore the side of the couch, removed the snake and put it in a box for safe keeping, but it died before they could get help for it.

"It's been really sad actually to realize all this time I was in proximity to that animal [and it] was probably suffering," she told WZZM.

While the snake received a proper burial, the couch was returned to the curb, this time along with a warning written on its cushions: "Do Not Pick Up."