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Walker says he may not appoint Dane County judges

Published On: Apr 03 2013 04:25:54 PM CDT
Updated On: Apr 03 2013 04:26:28 PM CDT
Scott Walker

Gov. Scott Walker said he may no longer bother with filling vacancies for judicial openings in Dane County after a second appointee of his was ousted by voters.

Walker said Wednesday it was "unfortunate" that Rebecca St. John lost Tuesday's election in Dane County. She was defeated by attorney Rhonda Lanford who used the Walker appointment to attack St. John during the campaign.

Last year, former Judge Roger Allen was defeated by Ellen Berz who also emphasized his appointment by Walker among voters in heavily Democratic Dane County.

Walker said in the future it "probably doesn't make a lot of sense to go through that appointment process" in Dane County because voters just reject them for "political" reasons.

Instead, Walker said he may simply allow judicial positions to remain vacant until there's an election.

Walker pointed out that St. John had the endorsement of people such as Madison Mayor Paul Soglin and Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne.

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