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Service set for victims of Argyle fire

Published On: Sep 19 2012 11:42:00 AM CDT
Updated On: Sep 20 2012 11:17:44 AM CDT

A service will be held Sept. 26 for the three boys killed in a house fire in Argyle, according to a friend of the boys’ mother.

SLIDESHOW: See photos of suspects, victims, Argyle house fire scene

Michelle Babcock told WISC-TV that Sharon Wand, 27, has had three surgeries so far and continues receiving treatment at University of Wisconsin Hospital in Madison.

Allen Wand, 7, Jeffrey Wand, 5 and Joseph Wand, 3, were killed in the Sept. 7 fire at their home.

A service will be held at American Legion Community Park in Argyle at 7 p.m.   It will be moved to the high school gymnasium if the weather is bad.

Another service will be held in Tomah at a future date if and when Sharon can attend, according to Babcock.

The boys’ father, Armin Wand III, 32, faces three counts of first-degree intentional homicide, three counts of attempted first-degree intentional homicide and one arson count.

Investigators say Armin Wand's brother, Jeremy Wand, 18, helped set the fire. Jeremy Wand faces three counts of first-degree intentional homicide, two counts of attempted first-degree intentional homicide and one arson charge.

According to the criminal complaint, Armin and Jeremy Wand started a fire Friday at the home of Armin Wand at 402 Oak St. in the village of Argyle for the purpose of collecting life insurance policies on his wife and children.

At the time the fire was set, Armin Wand's pregnant wife and children were sleeping in the home, according to the complaint.

The complaint said Armin ran out of the house, and then his wife came out and handed off their 2-year-old daughter to him. Armin then went to a broken side window and tried to put the toddler back into the burning building, but a neighbor arrived and Armin stopped, according to the complaint.

WISC-TV found evidence of a court hearing from 1962 that alleges Armin's father, Armin Wand Sr., was apparently the target of abuse, imprisonment and malnutrition by his parents. Sources said this pattern of abuse and dysfunction continued as the family grew.

Jeremy Wand told police that he and Armin Wand discussed plans that included staging the situation as vandalism and fire damage to obtain money from Armin's renter's policy as well, according to the complaint.

Sharon Wand's family members told WISC-TV that the family's insurance had lapsed and there is nothing to collect on those policies.

The complaints detail what Armin allegedly told police about starting the fire. The complaint said Armin and Jeremy tried to set the carpet on fire, then crumpled up pieces of paper on the living room floor and right under where Sharon Wand was sleeping on a futon.

The complaint said Armin told police Jeremy tried to ignite the arm of the couch where his youngest son was sleeping.

The complaint said Armin also directed Jeremy to lock the bedroom door where the other boys were asleep. The door apparently locks from the outside, locking the boys in the bedroom so they couldn't escape.

The complaint said Armin promised Jeremy $300 from the insurance money for his help setting the fire.

In Jeremy's interview with investigators, he allegedly said they started lighting fires near the television to make it look like an electrical fire, according to the complaint. Jeremy told investigators he locked the boys' bedroom to ensure no flames got into their room, according to the complaint. 

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