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Patricia Mack

Published On: Aug 02 2011 02:37:11 PM CDT

Phone Number: 608-897-2184


Items needed:

Book- Contemporary Living- Teacher's wraparound edition-author(Ryder/Harter, Publisher-Goodheart- Willcox Co., Tinley Park,IL (ISBN- 1-59070-505-X)

book- Food for Today- Teacher's wraparound edition- 9th edition- Teacher's Manual- McGraw Hill-Glencoe Publishing (ISBN- 0-07861645-X)

25 pairs of Fiskar DuraSharp 8" offset handle scissors- color(blue) $6.25 each Nasco WA08898H

3 boxes of 3M transparency film for copies (100 sheets) PP2500 (can be purchased at Staples or other, similar stores).

6 Tote trays- 19"x13 1/4" x 31/2"- $15.35 (school price) special order- Nasco 1-800-558-9595

8 boxes- Crayola non-washable markers-variety color pack- 12 colors

1 Swingline-32 sheet lever handle, heavy duty punch.

1 Empathy Belly Kit- Nasco- SB43113H - $499.00

4 Betty Crocker's Good & Easy Cookbooks-

2 Food Service films- 18"- Nasco- $18.25

1 Jacquard tie dye kit- - SAX- $18.99

3 cutting board racks- catalog #715589579 - $39.59 each.

3- Wire vertical files- Office Pro- Fel72351 $18.36

4- boxes of Crayola non-washable markers- Bold color package- 8 colors

8 boxes- Crayola non-washable markers-fine line- class colors.

1 box- Crayola fabric markers- classpack- set of 80.

3 boxes- binder clis- large-

25 Adams Hooks for suspended ceilings-

4 boxes- 2" school smart safety pins

4 eyelet punches

3 pkg. of oversized, extra-thick kitchen towels- WA18115H

3 Sunbeam big & bold timers- WA1807oH

4 boxes of Ziplock quart-size sealable bags.

5 boxes of Ziplock one gallon size sealable bags.

4 boxes of Ziplock-two gallon size sealable bags.

4 Ziplock-sealable-snack size, plastic bags.

6- boxes- SOS pads.

3 Cuisinart mini-mate Plus chopper/grinder WA10952H- Nasco $29,80

1 Fasten Fun kit- WO9393H- Nasco- $43.50

1 Empathy Belly Carrying case

18- Virco 3000 classroom chairs- Navy color- 18" hieght VIR301851 Office Pro, Afton, WI

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