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Mining Bill Gives Hope

Published On: Dec 10 2012 04:02:36 PM CST
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   Give credit to State Senator Tim Cullen and the Senate Select Committee on Mining. The consideration of a proposed bill to regulate applications for mining permits in the state is much more informed thanks to the committee’s work. The latest proposed legislation, a Democratic version of a bill to replace a Republic version that was defeated last term, reflects testimony from mining experts and mining equipment manufacturers. And while serious disagreements continue, and neither party is getting everything it wants, Cullen says the bill “gives some hope,” because the information the committee gathered will be very hard for lawmakers to ignore in the coming session.

   We very much hope Cullen is right. It’s going to take more compromise on both sides. But a lot of hard work has been done and it would be a shame to see it go to waste. A good mining bill is drawing closer. Let’s get it done.




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