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Bonnie Dill

Published On: Jul 25 2011 12:16:36 PM CDT

Phone Number: 608-355-3920


Items Needed:

Glue sticks (Quantity: as many as possible) - colored glue

board books (Quantity: 5) - realistic photographs

Ziploc bags (Quantity: 3 boxes) - quart size

Ziploc bags (Quantity: 3 boxes) - gallon size

Expo dry erase markers (Quantity: 10) - odorless

Clear plastic shoeboxes (Quantity: 5

Children's music on CD (Quantity: 1-3) - slower songs so we can sing along

Glitter - any colors

Orange Liquid Tempera Paint (Quantity: 1 bottle

Clear contact paper (Quantity: 10 yards)

Velcro (Quantity: 6 feet)

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